Product Information

Classic Pork Jerky

  • Code:JF001
  • Weight:250g
  • Original Price:$250
  • Price:$220

Product Information

Classic Pork Jerky
Containing the finest selected premium cuts of the freshest sweet and aromatic pork.  Utilizing a masterfully crafted traditional family recipe - with over 40 years in the industry – combined with the latest high specification equipment production techniques.  .
Providing a rich, yet delicately balanced and timeless secret family honey pork marinade – A mouthwatering fragrance with an exceptional taste. 
We deliver an innovative and original pork jerky product that has maintained it’s top status and reputation within the Taiwanese market
Give in to this irresistible temptation - truly indulge, satisfy and bless your senses with this nostalgic delicacy from Taiwan and taste of the heavens!”

添加物: D-山梨醇液70%(甜味劑)、L-麩酸鈉、品質改良劑(多磷酸鈉、偏磷酸鉀)、保色劑(食鹽、亞硝酸鈉、硝酸鉀、麥芽糊精)、已二烯酸鉀(防腐劑)、甘草酸鈉(甜味劑)、綜合調味劑(香料、丙二醇、乙醇、阿拉伯膠、甘油、脂肪酸山梨醇酐酯)、 食用色素紅色6號。
過敏原資訊: 本產品含有大豆及小麥。

Weight: 250g